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Mon, 7 Oct 2002 18:53:52
Dear Jason,
Can you top ten the most sexyest
[sic] woman in the music industry! Thanks a lot.
Jenny Keble
(age 13 from England)

Top Ten Sexiest Women in the Music Industry

  1. Carol Channing -- The queen of the Broadway musical comedy, Carol Channing is more goofy than sexy, but you can't beat the fact that she's been a guest star on the Love Boat almost as many times as Charo.

  2. Madonna -- How old is she now? 50? 60? She's still rocking like she's 35.

  3. Anne Murray -- All top tens are required by law to include at least 10% Canadian content, so here it is. Luba comes in a close second.

  4. Nana Mouskouri -- Old-school sexy.

  5. Josie -- Lead singer and guitarist of the Pussycats, the best Saturday morning cartoon all-girl rock band ever. Meow.

  6. Tamyra Gray -- Yes, I watched the damn show, but Tamyra was the only American Idol who could carry a tune.

  7. Pipilotti Rist -- Though not technically in the music industry, this Swiss video/installation artist is a total rock star.

  8. Beyonce Knowles -- She single-handedly invented the sexiest word of the 21st century: "Bootylicious."

  9. The guy from Dead or Alive -- 'nuff said.

  10. Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes -- The hottest dead chick since Aaliyah. Anyone who sets fire to her boyfriend's mansion in a fit of rage is sexy in my book.

Jason Dunda lives in Chicago and gets all misty eyed when MTV2 plays Bryan Adams. jdunda@artic.edu


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