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1. Scooby Doo The barely comprehensible leader of a motley bunch of teenagers who bounce around the country in the Mystery Machine foiling the devious plans of amusement park managers, museum curators, and such and such. The ultimate expression of sticking it to the establishment. Zoinks!
2. The Bauhaus www.bauhaus.de/english The suavest bunch of bad asses ever to design a tea pot. Boxy and cool.
3. Bonk Industries www.well.com/user/hlr/roadshows/geneva/bonk.html A crazy bunch of Finns who make useless and gorgeous products like the Atomic Telemotion Machine (ATM). Designed to "harness the power of the cosmos," this machine communicates feelings across specially laid plasma tubes. Reach out and touch someone.
4. Monty Python Truly inspired insanity. From the upper-class twit of the year sketch to the extraterrestrial Blancmange who wants to be a professional tennis player, Python can give any Dadaist or Situationist a run for their money.
5. General Idea The Beastie Boys of Canadian art. Coifed poodles, beauty pageants, and metaphorical cocktails were but a few of GI's brilliant ideas. Funny and smart are a dangerous combination. They're still ahead of their time.
6. Komar and Melamid www.diacenter.org/km/index.html A Russian duo whose surveys have determined the most wanted and least wanted paintings from over a dozen countries. The most wanted paintings are horribly banal, and the least wanted paintings are just horrible.
7. Free Parking A neat little Toronto collective run by Michael Buckland, Jill Henderson, and Canada's answer to Lucy Ricardo, Anda Kubis. The collective that's twice as cool lasts half as long. Free Parking closed their doors in January 1997, after a single sweet year.
8. Beastie Boys General Idea of pop music. Their videos are among the best. Personal faves are the 70s cop show send-up "Sabotage," and the Kung-Fu-meets-PeeWee-Herman joy of "Body Movin'."
9. Viktor and Rolf Dutch fashion designers who take it upon themselves to take the piss out of high fashion. The only problem is that haute couture is weird enough to be a parody of itself, so they're pretty much shooting fish in a barrel.
10. The Art Guys (Michael Galbreth and Jack Massing) www.theartguys.com These guys make the list because they're the only art group to market their own action figures. Otherwise, they're kind of like contemporary art's answer to Pauly Shore.
Jason Dunda lives in Chicago and gets all misty eyed when MTV2 plays Bryan Adams. jdunda@artic.edu

13. Lamest Exhibition Names
11. Disaaah-ster Movies
10. Things You Can Do To Make It Seem Like You Went To The Venice Biennale
09. Art Cliches
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06. Sneakers
05. Fizzy Drinks
04. Websites

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