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Cover image by Paul Zylstra. CLICK to see it better.

Lola 8, Winter 2000-2001


    No Such Thing As Away Robin Pacific on Toronto's big garbage truck art controversy.
    Things Need To Be Said: Beijing's Art Underground How one Beijing artist got invited to the Venice Biennale, and other tales from China. By Gordon Laird click here for article
    Pinchpenny Gourmet The price of French fries at the New Shamrock: 70 cents. Jon Sasaki scouts out the best bowlarama eateries in town
    The Trouble With Normal When an artist has mental health issues, is that what defines their art? Andrew Johnson on consumer survivalist art
    Art Market Luis Jacob's guide to Kensington Market's vibrant art moments and god knows why Starbucks hasn't bought in (maybe it's the anarchists?)
    Video: It's Not Just Cheap Film Emily Pohl-Weary on the rise of video culture and why it's taking off click here for article
    Benny Nemerofsky Ramsay's Five-year Plan Greg Kearney talks to Art Fag 2000 pageant winner about this, that, and another twelve things
    Get With The System Is Art System breaking new ground, or revisiting the good ol' days? Scott Anderson reports
    Up And Out Dave Dyment in discussion with New York performance/sound artist Christian Marclay
    What The Heck Is Intellectual Property? And Who Was The Granddaddy Of Performance Art? Egon Von Bark tackles the big questions
    Ask The Advice Bunny Ivan Jurakic talks with Valerie Lamontagne


    Theatre by Evan Brooker: Is Juliette Powell's ambition svelte?
    Music Yashin Blake on why heavy metal still rocks
    City by SiSiP: Brian Jungen at TO's newest art space Solo Exhibition
    Sex Sally Trash on the throbbing art show and other things creamy
    In-studio Jenifer Papararo on Jennifer Marman and her cube


    Ask Lola's Lawyer More good advice from Adam Bobker LLD
    Top Ten Things Jason Dunda wants for Christmas
    Lola's New Fashion Page Spotlight on Luis Jacob's princess necklace
    New York Minute 'Cool'ometer by Jill Henderson


    FADO by Andrew J. Paterson
    Man Ray by Sophie Hackett
    Tim Zuck by Nancy MacDougall
    Thomas McIntosh and Emmanuel Maden by the islanders
    Montreal Biennale by the islanders

Plus, shotguns galore! Letter's to Lola! More! More fun than possible.

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