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Lola 7 Cover
Lola 7 (fall 2000)


Sandy Plotnikoff and Robin Styba by Reid Diamond


    Susan Kealey Andrew James Paterson on the life and work of Toronto artist Susan Kealey (1959-2000)
    "I'm pro-condo, but anti-loft" Kenneth Hayes' ideal condo for urban living has been built, and it's not The Candy Factory. It's 20 Niagara Street.
    Affordability, Adaptability, Volume, Natural Light Adrian Blackwell finds Le Corbusier in his former warehouse digs at 9 Hanna Avenue
    Ask Lola's Lawyer by Adam Bobker
    Back in Five Minutes: Here Comes Success with AA Bronson Jenifer Papararo talks with AA Bronson about D.I.Y. before the term got popular
    Moose Hunting! Art by Salgood Sam, words by Jim Munroe
    Artifact, Identity, Anonymity A catalogue of Egon Von Bark's phenomenal collection of art left and then found
    Milada Kovacova An interview by Rebecca Diederichs
    Cowboy Ken on the Open Range Ken Fraser on the differences between cowboys and labour activists. By Sophie Hackett
    Back to School with Jason Dunda's Top Ten
    Joseph Arthur: Portrait of a Rockstar as Digital Artist by Sylvie Hill
    A Second Home Elaine Munro introduces A Home For Creative Opportunity
    Flop Catherine Osborne on David Kramer's new couch
    Nice is nice ... when you're with The Ladies' Afternoon Art Society Is public performance art still art when the viewing public doesn't know what they are seeing is art? Janis Demkiw argues the point
    Millionaire Hearsay by Ben Smith Lea
    Change the world ... it can be a blast Angela Bischoff and Tooker Gomberg's pointers on how to get media attention for good causes
    Art in Movies The actors are from LA but the art on movie sets is Canadian made. Karen Eull provides a short list on art to watch for in movies
    Lola's Fall Preview Guide Selected by Lola eds, Catherine and Sally.


    In Studio Jenifer Papararo on Shari Hatt's obsessions with her mother, Elvis, Liberace, and a miniature pincher
    Do Re Mi Fa So Lola Yashin Blake on loneliness and Alan Zweig's doc Vinyl
    si si p finds instant gratification on Vaseline Night at the El Mocambo
    Temp Work Bambi Acconci and Trixie von Lukács on baaaaaad film fests and house-party screenings
    Sally Trash on Vicki M, the Pop-Tarts, Tart Gallery, and S&M


    Andrew Reyes by Brent Roe
    Donigan Cumming by Wilson Lee
    Zone 6B by Sherri Telenko
    Max Streicher by Sherri Irvin
    I've got to stop talking to myself... by Chris Chambers
    Paula Braswell by Mark Hakala
    Knockout by Ann MacDonald
    Plus 18 pages of the ever popular Shotgun Reviews and the "Chilling" New York Minute by Jill Henderson

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