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Lola 6 Cover Lola 6 (spring/summer 2000)

Dreaming of Electric Sheep Joe McKay talks with Sam Easterson about animal cam POV

The Pick-up TV reporter Wilson Lee on the worst job in the business


    Two Pages of Stuff 9 Hanna Ave; Acetaminophen Dietrich photos; Inglis Lands development; pas de chance; Critical Mass; and UNISEX House of Bangs
    Dorothy and Anita: "There Ain't Half Been Some Clever Bastards" Ihor Holubizky's reminder of our roots, through the lives of Dorothy Cameron and Anita Aarons. They were one of us.
    Alien Other: Out of body experiences with Stelarc The Australian artist, known in the 1960s for suspending his pierced body in mid-air with meat hooks is also at the leading edge of cyborg technology. Steve Brearton in conversation with Stelarc
    Norman White's Sea (Pond) Monster Del Minter gets to the bottom of it
    Mindoru Lisa Deanne Smith meets Mindoru of Idoru, aka Michelle Teran of Toronto
    Sally McKay explores Kristin Lucas's online life
    Jason Dunda's Top Ten Sneakers
    9 to 5 Isn't Dead. It's Art Anya Wassenberg talks with Kelly Mark about working as a kitchen cook, making art, the individual in society and all that
    Trader (Lucky Charms) Excerpt from Reid Diamond's Altered Flakes with added moral fibre!, from his series of fables for cereal boxes
    RevPunky Technologies: Ray Guns that Actually Work! Artist Jan Noesthedan is the only ray gun maker in the world whose ray guns can emit electrical arcs of 2000 volts. By Stephen Ibbott
    Ask Lola's Lawyer by Adam Bobker Adam Bobker gives legal answers to bitter questions. Find out if you can sue
    The Art Firm's Men in Suits Alison Bain talks with new gallery CEOs Jason MacIsaac and Mark Sprott
    A Short List of Artists who use Currency in their Work Compiled by Catherine Osborne
    Fish Factory by Christine Walde
    Gary Michael Dault by Sophie Hackett
    Lola's Guide to Contact 2000 with handy cat-face map!


    In Studio Jenifer Papararo on Matthew Evans
    SisiP on Tokyo's Good Clean Art
    Do Re Mi Fa So Lola Yashin Blake on What the Guh?
    Theatre Evan Brooker on The Lion King Dimension
    Film Bambi Acconci and Trixie von Lukács do Temp Work
    Sex Sally Trash on Loving Jerry Springer


    Clint Griffin and Luis Jacob by Natalie Shahinian
    Jean-Baptiste Siméon Chardin by Andréa Picard
    Michael Balser and Ed Sinclair by Andrew J. Paterson
    Mona's Smiley Smile and Napoleon Brousseau by Reid Diamond
    Mary-Anne Wensley by Ann MacDonald
    Paola Poletto by Emily Poh-Weary
    Vera Hepp by Sean McLauchlan
    Notorious: Alfred Hitchcock and Contemporary Art by Ihor Holubizky
    Still Life by Mia Nielson
    Rachelle Viader Knowles by Ross Bowden
    Plus pages and pages of the ever popular Shotgun Reviews and the New York Minute by Jill Henderson

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