Jumbo The Elephant:
A Chronology

Author: Andrew Weir
The full tale of the real Jumbo The Elephant complete with facts, statistics and little known details.
c. 1859. The elephant later to be known as Junbo is born in Africa.
1861. Jumbo is captured in what is now Sudan by a party of Arabs, and brought to Zanzibar, where he is sold to a wild animal collector. The collector subsequently sells the elephant to an agent of the Jardin des Plantes, and Jumbo is taken to Paris, France...

(FULL STORY) (word count 3118)
An Evening with
The Lounge Ninja

Author: Jon Sasaki
... sipping drinks with singer-song writer Rhonda Silver at Mimico's Casa Mendoza Motel
1984 was a stellar year for the ninja community. The release of countless films and a syndicated TV show (The Master starring Lee Van Cleef) made it a proud time to be a mercenary assassin. We were finally getting the recognition we deserved (even if it was only for legions of black-pyjamaed 12 year olds flicking cardboard throwing-stars at their siblings). Who knew then that the spotlight would shift so quickly, leaving us once again in the shadows.
(FULL STORY) (word count 947)
Floria Sigismondi's
Hybrid Humans

Author: Scott Anderson
Music video artist Floria Sigismondi's latest creation is bald, has spiral fins, four breasts, and goes by the name "And-ie." Scott Anderon finds out what's behind the body language.
Floria Sigismondi is on the phone from her apartment in lower Manhattan. It's a little after one pm, and she's just gotten up. Her voice sounds husky, sleep-heavy. "A late night?" I ask, hoping for a tale of wild parties in Chelsea hob-nobbing with the city's artistic elite. Not quite. "I was working," she says.
(FULL STORY) (word count 1265)

Author: Andrew Wright
John Paul Bergel's
"The Happiness And Sadness of Cause and Affect"

An exhibition at Ballroom Studios 107 King St W. Kitchener, Ontario January 31 to March 31, 2001

Not far from where I live there's a sod farm. It is a huge expanse of luscious green in the middle of brown Ontario farmland. In the summer it looks as though someone's been Photoshopping the landscape.
(FULL STORY) (word count 518)

Yashin Blake on My First Classic.
Everyone, from the authors of prenatal books, to friends with children, to how-to-make-your-baby-a-genius videos, says: you should play Mozart for babies. So when my daughter Hannah came along, I played Bartok.
(FULL STORY) (word count 650)

Sally Trash on Fisting. It's Legal
It's Valentine's Day at Little Sister's Book and Art Emporium in Vancouver. Crowds gather, and the bars of tingly oils are selling like hotcakes.
(FULL STORY) (word count 714)


David Liss: Art Guy Of The North
Dreamboat Clint Roenisch talks with David Liss, the newly installed director/curator of The Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art
A Short History On Nothing In Art
Dave Dyment's incomplete chronology of how nothing can be something. Or, as Martin Creed once wrote: "the whole world + work = the whole world"
Share And Share Alike
Online programmers are either giving software away for free, or they're not. What does this mean to you and me? By Ben Smith Lea
Splash Screens, Cat Scans And

A tour of online art at high speed by Sally McKay
King Gus And The Unknown Soldier
Did Gus the cat receive the same station of honour as the soldiers who died for Canada? Wilson Lee reports from Ottawa
The Lola Guide To Contact 2001
Sophie Hackett picks 14 best bets for Toronto's annual Contact 2001 photography festival.
What's Wrong With You ...
John McLachlin?

R.M. Vaughan's first in a series of exploratory, in-depth one-page interviews with grumpy Toronto artists
This Time It's Personal
Reid Diamond on the orbiting light of Ian Carr-Harris
The Floating Princess (With Jetison)
Reid Diamond on the art of Rebecca Diederichs

Party Report:
I've been to alotta them... - by Si Si P
Temp Work:
Shocked and Constrained - by Bambi Acconci & Trixie von Lukacs

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