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Author: Scott Anderson
How to Sell Art and Not Pay Rent Every month or so gallery director Mia Nielsen packs up a work she's sold to a New York collector she has never met. In fact, Nielsen has never met most of her clients because the gallery she runs has no physical presence.
(FULL STORY) (word count 1136)
Tony Romano
Author: John Bentley Mays
Suburbia Neurosis as Art
In a 1919 letter written from Buenos Aires to his New York fans, the quaint Stettheimer sisters, Marcel Duchamp casually dismisses the "religious side" of art-making, especially the "silence and contemplation" to which many artists declare themselves devoted. He then asks urgently how the dollhouse is coming along. (The house in question was currently under construction by fiftyish Carrie Stettheimer, who had chosen to adorn it with tiny artworks donated by her friends, including Duchamp.) Is it any wonder that Duchamp enchants young, very bright artists in general nowadays, and Toronto artist Tony Romano in particular?
(FULL STORY) (word count 1027)

Best of the Shotguns 2002
We ran hundreds of Shotgun reviews this year. Here are 20 of the best.
Lola's Reader Survey Results
We inserted a reader's survey in our spring magazine. Here's what you told us.
(FULL STORY) (word count 801)

Sex: F*%k Furniture
The internet may have given us a whole new access route to big-scale sex gadgets, like adult baby cribs and The Houdini Box, but sex furniture has been around since Botticelli. By Sally Trash
(FULL STORY) (word count: 598)

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The King of Queen
Performer, musician, video artist, author, critic, gadabout, friend--the westend boheme is the soul of Andrew J. Paterson. If you don't know Andy then you don't know Queen West.
By Gerald Hannon

What is Mass MoCA?
It ain't coffee. It's North America's largest contemporary art centre and it's located in a postindustrial wasteland. Joshua Knelman on how contemporary art has turned a dying town into a thriving art Mecca.
Sometimes Less is Just Less
Ian Carr-Harris is 61 and one of Canada's leading contemporary artists. So why don't younger artists adore him? RM Vaughan on the generational art gap.
Out of the Spotlight
Not everyone is looking for fame. Some people actually avoid it. Andrew Johnson on why the Pocket Canon book series doesn't include author's names.
F is for Fake
Adam Gilders on why he hates Larry Clark's new movie Ken Park
Gossip: Too dangerous to date
In another age it was almost the creative person's job to be Henry and June-esque. Today's artist's aren't making out, they're making their work.
By Shinan Govani

Sports: What's more popular--art or sports?
Even the top dog of galleries, the AGO, is but a peanut in the bag of mainstream sporting events. Art may have more respect, but who gives a damn?
By Steve Brearton

Music: An eager leap
Tim Posgate formed Guildwood Records to satisfy his hunger to compose. His latest inspiration is the new CD Jazzstory.
By Yashin Blake

PLUS . . .
  • Shop Local with Sandra Rechico
    - A dozen ideas on how to turn Xmas shopping into a virtuous experience.
  • Ryan Bigge on the animal magnetism of cultural creatures. Eep!
  • Jon Sasaki's What IS That?
  • Dave Dyment's A Short History of ... Tattoos in Art
  • Guido Bruidoclarke's Lolascopes

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