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What is that?
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What is that?
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Is The Answer a, b, c, or d?
a. A sneak peek at the Gap's upcoming "Everyone in Fedoras and Fishing Vests" campaign
b. Last place contestant in the Britney Spears look-alike contest.
c. Still from Andrew Lloyd Weber's Boom, Bust & Echo, the musical.
d. Artist Joseph Beuys singing in a rare German TV appearance

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Wayne Baerwaldt Unplugged
Author: Clint Roenisch
The Power Plant's newly installed director Wayne Baerwaldt dishes it out to Clint Roenisch. A Lola interview exclusive (with insider notes!)
Clint: One of us has recently been appointed a high profile position at a prestigious gallery, a space that many, many people are scrutinizing. If this talk becomes scandalous or unbecoming I wonder if we should use nom-de-lubes?
Wayne: Exactly. I agree with that. We have to protect the innocent.
Clint: You came from Winnipeg and it shows: you look corn fed and you have wheat for hair.
Wayne: I've never been so insulted.
(FULL STORY) (word count 4273)
Perfect Heists
Author: Sarah Elton
Artist Janice Kerbel knows how to rob a bank, cheat at cards, and sell you real estate that doesn't really exist. Wanna get implicated?
Northeast corner, Dundas and University. 2:30 p.m. Thursday. I'm standing beside a row of newspaper boxes, in front of TD Canada Trust. Sky is gray, air damp, pavement wet. No sign yet of Janice Kerbel, a visual artist probably best known for Bank Job, an assemblage she first exhibited in 1999 of maps and photographs that detail the necessary steps for robbing a bank.
(FULL STORY) (word count 1935)
Smoke Drink Lecture
Author: Scott Anderson
Toronto's newest literary gathering is called "Trampoline Hall," where guest speakers are encouraged to stumble over their words or say inane and silly things in front of a large paying audience.
Chances are that if you've met Sheila Heti in the past few months, she's asked you to lecture at Trampoline Hall. The 25-year-old artist and writer is seeking "interesting people who do interesting things" to fill a three-speaker roster for a monthly lecture series at the Cameron House. Any subject is fair game, though the more personal and original the better.
(FULL STORY) (word count 1173)

Gossip: The Lost Art Of Idleness
There is a crisis in the city, my dear friends and it starts with the paltry amusement level of art-world parties. By Shinan Govani
(FULL STORY) (word count 657)

Sports: Paid To Be Abused
Steve Brearton on your average rude, crude, bitter, angry, loud, obscene, disgusting and sometimes even dangerous sports fan.
(FULL STORY) (word count 558)


Christie's And The Kid
How a boy from Montreal ended up becoming Christie's 19th century painting expert in Paris.
By Jeremy Mercer

A Real Piece Of Brad's Pitts
Sanjay Mohanta talks with Yukon artist Hannah Jickling, 22, on her recent art collaborations with movie star Brad Pitt.
The Big Thaw
Douglas Bell on the nearing death of Maple Leaf Gardens
Ford Plant SuperBuild
Lots of money is being poured into brand new art building projects these days. Meanwhile, Oakville's Ford Plant is shutting down. Hello urban renewal!
Just Horsin' Around
How to make a horsey stable into a gallery.
By Craig Taylor

Media Effects
Jocelyn Murtell on what it means to have been a media icon.
Spring Previews
A bunch of Toronto shows to check out in May and June. Recommended by Sally McKay, Jocelyn Murtell, and Catherine Osborne
Music: Let The Good Times Roll
Yashin Blake on his Whitby kindergarten buddy (and Grammy winner) Robert Townson
Sex: Superflat's X-rated Cool
The Supreme Court decided John Robin Sharpe's photographs are kiddie porn, but his writing is not. Meanwhile, Superflat serves up art porn. So, when is porn porn?
By Sally Trash

Screen: The Great Pretender
Bambi Acconci and dj Blazay's homage to video maker and performance artist Colin Campbell (1942-2001)

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