A Short History of Piss Art
Author: Dave Dyment
17 ways Piss has been used in art.
1. Arguably the most important artwork of the 20th century, Marcel Duchamp's Fountain (1917) is an upturned porcelain urinal that he purchased at a plumbing supply store, signed, and exhibited. Much has been made about Duchamp's use of "found objects" but little connection has been made to its representation of one of the earliest forms of self-expression.
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Just How Does The Movie End?
Author: Bambi Acconci and dj Blazay
The web 30 days after 9-11
"But, what will they do with all those postcards?" Bambi wondered aloud in mid-September. Just what will all the postcard sellers do now, in light of the sudden loss of accuracy of their products? Beyond sellers, the printers, publishers, even photographers will bid for and receive new contracts. In his post-11-September e-essay Welcome to the Desert of the Real! Lacanian psychoanalyst Slavoj Zizek, while performing a dazzling analysis of popular film and television, notes that "[t]he unthinkable which happened was thus the object of fantasy: in a way, America got what it fantasized about, and this was the greatest surprise." The catastrophe film came true. But just how does the movie end?
What continues after the credits? What will fill the aching gap?

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Donuts to Download
Author: Nick Gamble
Cute little desktop icons that are totally FREE!
Hideki Itoh's donut icons are sitting on my computer desktop, and they're giving me the munchies. They hover in tiny, gemlike perfection in their open folder, lined up in rows neater than you'd find at any Tim Hortons, each one bearing a descriptive label. Plain. Chocolate. Mocha Cream. French Cruller. Sprinkle. Sugar Raised. And all the accoutrements, too: Coffee, Sugar Pot, Paper Bag, Box To Go. Yum!
(FULL STORY) (word count 650)

What Now?
Thoughts on War

We posed the question "Will War Ever End" to:
Charles Crawford, Robert Fisk, Robert Adrian X, Tarynn Parker, Ralph Nader, Jane Jacobs, Michael Richards, Carlos Garaicoa, Jayce Salloum, New York artists coalition, Jeanne Randolph, Michael Moore, JMe Osborne, Walter Isaacson, Patricia R. Zimmermann, Arnold Schwarzenegger, David Hoffos, WTC attack witnesses, Tabasco Inc., Microsoft Videogame PR guy Tim Young, Lockheed Martin, and Plato.
Compiled by Sally McKay, Catherine Osborne, and Siobhan Roberts

Tourist of Death
An email exchange about a photograph that turned out to be one of the most universally witnessed internet hoaxes of September 11.
by Rick, Alan, Derek, and Ben

Shopping is Good
Or how your art could end up on the cubical walls of offices
by Rachel Yeager

The Sprawling Ugly Disaster
That is Nanaimo

Nanaimo used to be known as that west coast island where they make those chocolate bar things. Then the strip mall arrived. Nanaimo-man Craig Taylor rages against the forces.
Groundfall Gourmet
No edible possibility gets overlooked by our frugal food critic Jon Sasaki, who figures: if it falls to the ground then it's probably worth eating.
A Garden Theory of Culture
Forget High and Low, Po and Mo, Andrew Kauffman explains the newest art theory on how to categorize new art based on the laws of horticulture.
Follow the Art Cash
A Forensic Accounting Love Story. Ever wonder where the buck stops when you buy a work of art? Clint Roenisch's true story of one painting's ripple effect throughout the world.

Sports: Bless Thee O'Hockey Puck
Sports guy Steve Brearton holiday shops online with slugger Jesus.
Music: It's in The Lift Not the Lyrics
Metal is not exactly famous for lyrical genius. Is that sooo bad? by Yashin Blake.
What's Wrong With You? #3
RM Vaughan finds out why art retiree Alan Belcher hates Toronto's art scene and why he gave up a successful international art career just to be here.
  • Sally Trash on Mandy Williams
  • Ivan Jurakic on Human Faux Pas
  • Andrew Hull on the Om Festival

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  • shotguns galore!
  • Horoscopes by Guido Bruidoclarke!
  • Letters to Lola!

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