LOLA 10:
Monk-y Business
Author: Gerald Hannon
A profile on Philip Monk, the Power Plant's long reigning curator
"Answer some silly questions," I say to,
of all people, Philip Monk. If you know him at all, you know him as the famously un-silly curator of the Power Plant in Toronto, but the art-world denizens I'd been interviewing had described him variously as "the virgin," as "Chairman Mao--he likes to have women around him," as "Mr. Slope" (a particularly oily clergyman from Trollope's novel Barchester Towers), as a "brainiac," and in one memorable phrase, as "having the appearance of an over-masturbated seminarian."

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Art & Science
Author: E. Von Bark
An interesting trajectory on how
art and science are one.

Von Bark ain't a technologically advanced type, though I sure do enjoy just hanging out with scientists from a purely superficial, voyeuristic perspective. The Subtle Technologies conference held at the University of Toronto Innis Hall last May was a perfect place to be hanging out with scientists. The real theme underlying the conference was the convergence of Art and Science, and like a lot of people attending, I don't even make that kind of distinction. For me these two separate words, Art and Science, simply represent the same concept; it's only a matter of tone or emphasis.
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Author: Scott Anderson
Scott tries to find out as much as he can about Satan from the creator of HIM, Saskatoon artist Taras Polataiko
Visitors to the International Soros Centre for Contemporary Art in Kiev, Ukraine weren't sure at first what to make of the man's face, videotaped and projected onto the wall. Young, reasonably good looking, not at all what most had expected of HIM.
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Author: Dave Dyment
  • ryanbarrett's MEDIATRAP: Corner of Queen Street West and Peter Street, Summer 2001
  • Mitch Robertson's STORIES FOR GRANDCHILDREN: Clothbound book, limited edition of 30
  • (FULL STORY) (word count 660)

    Author: Carmen Victor
    The New Remote Label Flashing Event
  • Milos Jankovic, Ger Levinus, Branislav Nikolic, Camilla Singh, Steini Torsson and Walter Willems at SKC Gallery in Belgrade, Serbia April 23-28 2001
  • (FULL STORY) (word count 620)


    Face Value
    Malcolm Rogge's history of gas the mask.

    Urban Hunter
    Lola restaurant critic Jon Sasaki takes on Rainforest Cafe's wild mall game. Crikey!
    What's Wrong With You ... Deirdre Hanna?
    Eye Magazine art critic RM Vaughan asks NOW Magazine art critic Deirdre Hanna why hardly any one has ever seen her in the flesh. An email correspondence
    Chandra, Is That You?
    Catherine Osborne finds out why CKLN radio voice, Chandra Bulucon thinks like Sybil
    Martin Heath's CineCycle
    An illustrated history by John Porter
    Beauties: #1-5
    Ian Carr-Harris's hot list. Hey, don't be shy.
    Buy this art!

    Lola's Open Books
    A map of how much it costs to make a magazine like Lola, and where we get/don't get money from
    Fall Previews
    A bunch of shows and things that are worth going to see or do in the next few months. Compiled by Tory Healy, Sally McKay, and Catherine Osborne
    Sports: Sports Crime
    Steven Brearton rates the public image value of crime in professional sports.
    Music: I Believe In The Good Life
    Yashin Blake on the gay folk church sounds of The Hidden Cameras.
    Sex: Are You Getting More Than You Think?
    Sally Trash on feeling horny in well-used theatre seats.
    Temp Work: Spring Time in SF
    The gals, Bambi and dj Blazay cover San Fran's big techno-art show 101010: Art in Technological Times.
  • Max MacDonald on Spencer Tunick
  • Craig Taylor on Lili Fischer
  • Dyna McLeod on Sissy Boys and Foulmouthed Women

  • PLUS . . .
  • Lola's Fashion Feature: Scott Anderson on Will Munro's underwear
  • The New York Minute - by Jill Henderson
  • shotguns galore!
  • Letters to Lola! More!

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