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Shotgun Deadline Fast Approaching: March 4, 2002

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We're writing today to remind you that the Lola Shotgun deadline is coming up soon!

March 4, 2002

As par usual, we're including our Quickie Guide to Lola Shotgun Review Writing. Essentially, it says communicate, communicate, communicate! And don't forget ... new recruits are always welcome. Same with you seasoned shotgun experts -- the more the merrier!

Hope to hear from you all soon!

Love, Lola


Quickie Guide to Lola Shotgun Review Writing

The Dos, Don'ts, and FAQs:

* Write one to 150 words (maximum) about art you've seen recently in Toronto that you loved or hated and explain in your shotgun why. Send to: (New email!)

* Think of art in its broadest terms, like, if you think it might be art, why, it probably is!

* Write about art made by someone you've never met or partied with. We realize this is radical. We call it real honest-to-god discourse and a respect for the value of the printed word. Write about what you're thinking about, not about who you know! Sorry, that's a bit lecturey... you've probably got the gist of what we're gettin' at here.

* Send your shotgun(s) in the email not as an attachment. We're among the one in ten who have Mac systems. Or, send us your shotguns by post: LOLA PO Box 265, Stn C, Toronto, ON M6K 1S5.

* Include your name, contact info, and wee bio about yourself. We promise to use your contract information strictly for business (kiss, kiss).

* Be shy.

Do you print every single shotgun you get?

** We're pretty open, but we do reserve the right to not publish absolutely everything that is submitted.

Should I contact the artist/gallery to get an image for my shotgun?

** No need to do that scouts, we'll take care of image retrieval. But, if there is a particular image you want to suggest we use, please send us a little note about those details with your shotgun submission, and we'll see what we can do.

Will you be publishing my shotgun exactly as I send it to you?

** We edit for length, and sometimes for style. Changes and suggestions should NEVER be taken personally (okay, almost never).

I am an amazing artist and I had an amazing exhibition and I'd like to write an amazing shotgun review of it. I think I'm a pretty good critic of my own work and I think I can write a shotgun that will express the true essence of what my amazing exhibition was all about and it would be so good for my CV to have my show reviewed. Lola, are you interested? ** Ha, ha, ha. Well obviously that question didn't really come from anyone we know. We just made it up for this little email project here. But you can kinda see why the answer to this one is, like, Noooooo, Lola is not interested, but thanks for trying any ways, and there is no harm in trying.

Is there any money in this?

** Nope.

Are there exception to the rules?

** There are always exceptions to rules. That's what rules are for.


PO Box 265, Stn C
Toronto, ON M6J 3P4
T: (416) 534-3377

*** Lola is art talk. Luckily, talk is cheap ***

You've been sent this email because you have had some personal or distant affiliation with Lola. If for some unknown reason you don't want mail from Lola any more, please send a blank reply email. Thanks and have a great day!

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