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LOLA Magazine Hires Sharon Salson As Publisher!

February 12, 2002

Sharon Salson
Catherine Osborne

It's no surprise to anyone that Lola, Toronto's favourite art magazine, is getting bigger and bigger, faster and faster. With over 25,000+ readers across the GTA, Lola needs Sharon Salson.

Who the fuck is Sharon Salson?

Sharon Salson's got 15 years experience in marketing and promotion in the arts and media. Check this out: From 1989 to 1992 she held a promotions management role at Toronto Life, and from 1992 to 1996 she was at TVOntario where she was Director of Communications. Then she moved onward as Director of Marketing and Communications from 1999 to 2001 at the Art Gallery of Ontario ... and she still looks great!

So, what does any of that have to do with Sharon Salson becoming Publisher of Lola magazine? It ain't for the money that's for sure. Here's a little Q&A with Sharon:

Lola: Why on earth are you heading up Lola magazine as Publisher?

Sharon: Because Lola is such a phenomenal success. Marketing Lola is the obvious next step.

Lola: Phenomenal success. Yeah! But really, we're just small potatoes in comparison to your CV credentials. Shar (may we call you that?), we bow deeply to your expertise, but why, Shar, why?

Sharon: My friends call me Shari. You know as well as I do Lola is on the fast track. I see lots of opportunities ahead for us as a team. My goal with Lola is to develop a strategy that will take the magazine to the next level of its enormous potential. You know, I Googled Lola and I couldn't find a single negative thing about your magazine. I mean really, nothing.

Lola: That's too bad. We once heard a negative thing but we've forgotten now what it was.

Sharon: You guys crack me up. Do all your press releases get written like this?

Lola: No. But that brings us to why we want you Sharon. As Lola's founding editors, we need to focus more exclusively on the editorial and we need your senior-level expertise to bring the business side of this magazine into its next phase. There is no doubt that you Sharon, with your experience in magazines and in marketing the visual arts, you are the best person for the job.

Sharon: Thanks Lo. Could you also mention that as Publisher, my first job is to hire an Advertising Representative ASAP. Then I'll be focusing my attention on enhancing Lola's profile, increasing readership and in turn, developing the business so we can continue to keep publishing the best magazine in this city that is dedicated to the visual arts. I want Lola to be on the lips of every person in this city!

Lola: Oh darling! You ARE good!

(text by Catherine Osborne and Sally McKay)

For more information:
Sharon Salson
Lola Publisher
C: 416-524-4251

PO Box 265 Stn C
Toronto Ontario M6J 3P4

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