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LOLA in The Media

Toronto Star, Dec 15, 2002
Murray Whyte: Lola is "the best zine in town."

Adnews Online, Nov 12, 2002
Short article on Lola going newsstand.

NOW, Oct 31- Nov 6, 2002
Lola named "Most Valuable Local Art Mag."

Contemporary magazine (UK), Oct 2002
British art critic Andrea Carson: "Lola is doing a great job in increasing the level of critical discussion."

Strategy Canadian Marketing Report, Feb. 25, 2002
Lucy Saddleton announces Sharon Salson Gregg as Lola's new publisher.

Masthead Online, Feb. 15, 2002
"Lola hires first publisher."

Toronto Star, Dec. 29, 2001 , J14
Peter Goddard: "This girl's rugged, I tell you. Rugged."

Strategy Canadian Marketing Report, July 30, 2001
Sandy Brown: "Lola caters to the uberhip, a young, urban dwelling set of high-income earners who make trends instead of watching Friends."

Toronto Star, Jan. 20, 2001, J7
Feature on the magazine. Sally McKay is quoted: "We're interested in things being funny."

Globe and Mail, May 17, 2001 R3
Russell Smith: "Unlike most art magazines, in which the word 'subverts' is code for good and 'perpetuates' is code for bad, Lola portrays the art scene as basically fun."

Globe and Mail, Nov. 4, 2000, V4
Gary Michael Dault: "If you care at all about the contemporary art scene in this city, Lola is essential reading."

West End Revue, Oct. 2000, p. 11
By R. J. Fleck.

Hamilton Arts Beat, Feb-Mar. 2000, p. 10
Ivan Jurakic: " ... the editors are so plugged in they rarely miss a trick."

Globe and Mail, July 3, 1999, D-4
Robert Fulford on being brave enough to write with conviction and sign your name. Lola gets mentioned.

Broken Pencil, Winter 1999. No. 8, p. 61
Hal Niedzviecki: "This issue clinches it--the best periodical on visual art and high-brow culture in Canada."

Broken Pencil, Spring 1999, No. 9, p. 60
Hal Niedzviecki again: "Oh Lola! How bleak the world was before you!"

Broken Pencil, Fall 1999, No. 11, p. 43
PVP: "... even the ads are interesting."

Globe and Mail, Jan. 22, 1998
John Bentley Mays : "... guerilla prose, good news from the edge of art-world respectability, whoopie-cushion criticism."

Exclaim!, Aug. 1998
Hal Niedzviecki: Lola is "for everyone who wants to read about art but can't stand art magazines."

Broken Pencil, Summer 1998. No. 7, p. 57
Hilary Clarke: "... How come this magazine didn't already exist?"

Xtra! Jan. 15, 1998 no. 345
Short review of Lola 1.

Masthead, Apr. 1998. p. 16
Short introduction to the first issue.

eye magazine Dec. 23, 1999, p. 45
RM Vaughan:"... the smartest, most irreverent art zine in North America."


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Bravo!TV News, August 2001

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