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How to play: Use the arrow keys on your keyboard.
Game synopsis: The Penguin must catch the Lola magazines falling from the Pigeon flying above.
Revolutionary cause: The Penguin must read as many Lolas as possible to avoid drowning in a sea of mass media.

50 Shotgun reviews of 50 art shows
You wanted more reviews of more art shows, so here you go ... 50 Shotgun reviews of art, parties, television shows, and other things. Some of this stuff is only available on our site!

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Cop Art
Author: Howard Akler
Toronto police artist Jo Orsatti takes Howard Akler on an in-depth tour of how criminal composites have evolved from pen-and-pad to state-of-the-art technology.

The Cowardly Life of Guy Maddin
Author: Jason McBride
In the world of indie filmmaking Canada's Guy Maddin rules. Jason McBride reveals that Maddin's latest, entitled Cowards Bend The Knee, is part art installation where viewers follow the film's neurotic story through a series of peepholes.

Wacko Zsako
Author: Scott Anderson
Balint Zsako has just graduated from art school and is already showing at three galleries across the city.

What if you had to live here?
Author: R.M. Vaughan
Toronto's new subway line has art at every station, but will anyone even notice? R.M. Vaughan on why public art rarely works, and why sometimes ... it does.

Graffiti Inc.
Author: Ryan Bigge
Devon Ostrom is the founder of T.H.E.M., a Toronto-based organization that is finding ways for making graffiti an urban beautification project.

The we of weewerk
Author: Catherine Osborne
Germaine Koh is one of Canada's leading visual artists. Phil Klygo is the creator of the indie music label TeenageUSA. Together, they're the organizers of weewerk, the newest, coolest, and definitely littlest gallery and performance space in the city.

PLUS . . .
  • Shop Local with Sandra Rechico. This issue: Lawn ornamentation
  • Fashion Therapy with Bill Clarke: This issue: Tees
  • Dave Dyment's Short History of Suicide in Art
  • Jason Dunda's Axis of Evil
    Top Ten Countdown
  • Guido Buidoclarke's Lolascopes
  • And Shotgun reviews galore!

  • More!

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    LOLA 15 - Spring 2003

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