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the Big Picture

Every once in a while we find ourselves wondering:
What does Toronto art look like?

If you were to line up art made by 20 or so local artists and look at everything as a group, is there any clear picture that makes the art particularly Toronto-y, like a "school of...," or some vibe that could be named?
We noticed, too, that as eds who publish a Toronto art mag, we can get stuck on our own familiarity with the scene.So we asked four interesting people to choose four or five artists they think are making interesting art in Toronto. These are their choices.

The four interesting people: (read more about) filmmaker Richard Fung, writer Sheila Heti, curator Michelle Jacques, and designer Leanne Shapton.

blue planter

City Beautification Ensemble

(left) untitled, in Kensington Market, Toronto (2002)

"The CBE is an organization that is dedicated to the improvement of city living through the vigorous use of colour. The act of Beautification itself involves the continual addition of site specific, mood enhancing hues applied to the urban landscape in order to off-set the ill effects of the built environment that surrounds us." (from a CBE press release)
Learn a bit more about CBE at Mercer Union
Contact CBE
col envelope

Doug Beube

Douglas Beube uses the titles and content of books to inform his sculptures.
Contact Douglas dbeube@mindspring.com





Glen Crumback

untitled pencil crayon on mylar 10 x 12" (2002)

Most of Glen Crumback's images are a combination of original drawings and tracings of found images. They're all drawn with pencil crayon on sheets of mylar.
Buy Glen's art at Katharine Mulherin Gallery http://www.busgallery.com


Karma Clarke-Davis

Karma 2000 video still from the installation Any While, Mean Time 7:00 (2000)

Karma Clarke-Davis's videos are mediated autobiographies that have historical as well as pop culture references, especially to music videos. She was born in Trinidad and Tobago, grew up in the Saskatchewan prairies, and then lived in Toronto. She has uprooted herself again, to live in Berlin.
Buy or rent Karma's art at Vtape http://www.vtape.org
Contact Karma karmamachine30@hotmail.com


Yuri Didrichsons

untitled charcoal and graphite 13 x 24" (2002)

Yuri Didrichsons is also the guitarist for the rooty rock band Tangiers. He is attracted to innocence and strangeness and most of his drawings include animals and kids.
Buy Yuri's art at BUS Gallery http://www.busgallery.com
Contact Yuri ydidrichsons@yahoo.com


Karen Henderson

Water-lens Floor-wall 1,972 colour photographs 11' 3" x 28' 10" (1997)

Karen Henderson's large-scale work deals with small measures of visual change. They are more or less about what curator John Massier observed in 1999--reminders that every moment is the same and every moment is different. Henderson studied at Camberwell School of Art in London, England and at the University of Victoria, British Columbia.
Contact Karen karenah@interlog.com


Marla Hlady

Three wigs dance in circles and are controlled by a loop of three chorus versions of Waltzing Matilda (2001)

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